Owen Adamo is the former Chief Sergeant of the Dragon Corps and he flew Proudmouth and a former professor at the University. He is most often referred to as Adamo by his inferiors, as the only person seen addressing him by his first name is Royston.

History and PersonalityEdit

Adamo is a stern, no-nonsense man with a brash personality which can sometimes get under the skin of others, but not to the same extent as most of his fellow airmen.

In his youth he became close friends with Royston, after they became roommates during their time at the 'Versity. The friendship survived well into adulthood, which is revealed when Adamo shuts down airmen's offensive discussion about Royston's homosexuality and exile. In their adult years, Adamo continues to think of Royston as a trusted confidant and in return is fiercely protective of Royston. He is said to never lose at chess.

After the Dragon CorpsEdit

Following the dissolution of the Dragon Corps, Adamo took up doing guest lectures at the 'Versity, which soon turned into a professorship of military strategy. However, Adamo did not take well to teaching, as he found many of the students in the University were not cut out to think like military strategists with the exception of Laure, who did remarkably well in his class. Many of his students also did not enjoy the sort of attitude he had gained from his time in military service, and it is noted that frequently parents of students would write him letters to rebuke such behavior, and on at least on one occasion he made a student cry.