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A fanart of Niall as illustrated by tumblr user richardharington.

"Niall. I fly Erdeni. I've found the perfect place to nap in th'Esar's orchard, and I'm not telling a man of you where it is."

-- Niall introducing himself, pg. 54 Havemercy.


Niall is one of the fourteen airmen in the Dragon Corps.


Niall is described as having a mouth that "would have looked distinctly feminine on anyone else, round and full as it was." (pg. 54, Havemercy)

Character QuotesEdit

[on Merritt's sister getting married] "And you didn't invite us to the wedding? ... Might have liked the opportunity of seeing your sister again." (pg. 53, Havemercy)

[role-playing] "I cry myself to sleep at night," Niall spoke up, touched by a sudden inspiration. "I ask countless clients whether they think my breasts look all right, and if they hesitate for even a moment, I know that terrible airman was right." (pg. 132, Havemercy)

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