Little Caius Greylace by fiery chicken

A representation of Caius Greylace by EbonyKat and Fiery-chicken of deviantArt

A "tiny madman," as he's called by most of Thremedon, Caius is a young boy, about 18. He is chosen by the Esar for a diplomatic mission to Ke-Han, joined by eight other "diplomats": General Alcibiades, Casimido, Fiacre, Margrave Josette, Marcelline, Marius, Wildgrave Ozanne, and Valery. His time in Ke-Han is anything but boring.


Pale blonde hair with emerald eyes. He was struck blind in his left eye by the sickness brought on by the poisoned snake in Havemercy. He's small and has a tendency to dress in Ke-Han robes, or, as the General Alcibiades said, "half like a woman and half like a lunatic" (p15, SM-h). He loves the color blue, and carries fans with knives in them.

Early LifeEdit

Caius was raised in the palace until he was exiled at the age of thirteen for torturing the Margrave Aulame for unknown reasons. He stayed in exile for five years, and was invited back to try to cure the curse placed upon them by the Ke-Han. Not much else is known.


He is easy-going and easily excitable, especially if he thinks something will cause gossip or a scandal. Anything the General Alcibiades does intrigues him, and he often follows him around. He was determined that they become best friends.

"It was at some point between Thremedon and Ke-Han that I decided we would be friends, although I was yet uncertain how to make this equally obvious to Alcibiades himself." p10, SM-h
He is often overly affectionate to Alcibiades, which annoys him terribly. Most people aren't sure how to handle Caius, and they distrust him because of his Talent.


Caius is a velikaia--a magician with magic that affects the mind--who specializes in visions and some limited telepathy.

"All it required was a little blood spilled [to read a person's mind]. I couldn't go about reading minds hither and yon; that would have been so very messy. Once blood was exchanged, however--and this was where rumors of torture, knives, scars, et cetera, came in--it was a different matter, and the mind was, to use a favorite phrase, as open as a book." (p313, SM-h)
Mostly, his telepathy consisted of compulsion and charisma. He could get his victims to tell him whatever he wanted.