Balfour Vallet is the meek newest recruit to the Dragon Corps at the time Havemercy takes place, though it's stated that he's been there long enough that he can't be considered a rookie anymore. His dragon is Anastasia. He's twenty years old, at least by the time of Steelhands.

History and PersonalityEdit

Balfour comes from a higher-class background than most of the Airmen. He is well-mannered and soft-spoken, and as such is submitted to a great deal of harassment by other members of the Corps, particularly Rook.

He is almost always seen wearing a pair of white gloves, which he fiddles with frequently. He also enjoys marmalade on toast and certain philosophical treatises.

He has a younger sister whose name begins with a C and an older brother named Amery who was also a member of the Corps. It was after his brother was killed in action that Balfour joined to replace him, flying the same dragon.

In the Dragon CorpsEdit

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Balfour is the first Airman who Thom meets when he arrives, and one of the few who is actually civil to him-- this is because, as the newest member, Balfour is familiar with most of the pranks Thom is subjected to. He is also one of the four Corps members to survive after the attack on the Ke'Han dome; however, due to an accident, he requires a pair of prosthetic metal hands.